Doctor Who score

I haven’t been thrifting in awhile but stopped at a thrift yesterday because I was having withdrawals. Didn’t see anything I wanted until this. Ninety nine cents.

Think this is handmade, never seen anything like it before. Reminded me of the Van Gogh episode.


Goodwill outlet

I belong to an online group that calls goodwill outlets “as-is.” Which is true, stuff is sold by the pound as-is. I could spend most of the day here and a great deal of money. But my car battery died yesterday, a week before payday and I am now broke. Not happy about it since I had plans to hit the Labor Day sales but broke as I am I still could afford to drag myself to the as-is. I gave myself an hour and reminded myself I still have to buy gas and cat food. Stuff is 49 cents a pound, bigger items like furniture and luggage are more. What I got, total was 9.84

Clothes are a big draw, since it’s 49 cents a pound. But you spend a lot of time digging in the bins, sometimes competing with other people. It can be worth it, but it’s a lot more work than I want to put in.


Messenger bag and white sheets for my son.

Picture of Mary and baby Jesus, caption is Mary, helper of Christians. Very old school, also will scare the crap out of my Baptist relatives. Cho likes it.

Big score was the dinosaur sheets, they are Sandra Boynton sheets from the 80’s and I collect them. If I have a grandchild who likes dinosaurs I may give them to him or her. May, not a promise.

I’m not really a girly pale pink person but Chucks are still Chucks.

Hand towel and old embroidered dish towel. I’m a sucker for old linens.

Little dinosaur for my nephew but he looks happy in my room.

The last picture is from Sally Ann, a few weeks ago. An old thrift trick, to hide something you can’t afford or carry now and will come back to buy. I’ve found clothes and toys stuffed in housewares, but this is genius. Hiding it in plain sight, sort of, because nobody ever looks at stuff between racks or on the floor. I hope whoever hid these sheets found them waiting when they came back.

Super Thrift Store Day

Yesterday was National Thrift Store Day. Salvation Army even sent me an email about it, no sales just a heads up. I did observe it, at the half price thrift. Bear came along and even bought my stuff. He got his first paycheck so it was celebrating all around.

Vera zip ID case and flip flops. I like Vera flip flops but couldn’t bring myself to pay a lot for them. But here, sure. Like that googly eye print. Case .99 flip flops 3.49

This blew my mind. I think this store might be enchanted, I found the Wings bear here and now this.

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Pendleton blankets are a big deal in the Indian world. They are usually given as gifts, as a show of respect and sometimes to show off a little. They are nice wool blankets, warm and durable. Finding one, with tags, in the thrift store stunned me. My first instinct was to give it to my new nephew but knowing the significance of these blankets made me wonder how it ended up there. Hard to imagine someone just tossing it without good reason. But I wasn’t going to let it stay there either. It’s still an epic score, along the lines of the Wings bear. I also got some potholders but they weren’t dramatic enough for pictures.

New baby

My nephew is here! My second nephew, he was born yesterday at 10am.

I left my phone on the charger in the car, we wanted to get to the hospital once we got the all clear from my sister. Bear and I ran errands and were across town when I got a text saying she was ready to have visitors. Part of the delay was my sister’s wishes and part was the hospital. He was born c-section and everything went well but she wanted bonding time, just her and her husband, before anyone else came. So I was eating a cookie at the mall when I got the text.

He is perfect, healthy and rather big. He was born 2 weeks early and weighs 8 lbs 6 oz. His brother called him Zapp before he was born but his parents named him Elijah. He’s still Zapp to me.

We had dinner after, Bear’s treat.

Cheap Stuff I bought

Technically not thrift scores, last weekend I went to the mall, a place I rarely go and then usually go to the movie theater. But this was the semi annual lingerie sale at Dillard’s and I stock up, spend what I can. I may buy my clothes at the thrift but underwear is different. I spent $100 and now I have underwear for the rest of the year, even beyond.

Then today I hit the 70% off sale at the consignment store. I bought 2 pairs of jeans, at thrift prices, total was 7.82.

There was a 4 shelf bookcase I wanted at Payless thrift but waited til yesterday when it was 75% off day. Unfortunately someone else scored on me and it was gone when I got there after work. I bought some blank notebooks, 2 cloth grocery bags and this little beauty. It was 99 cents. I’ll use it to haul my work stuff.

Despite my good luck and thrifting skill I still have the occasional thrift fail. This, bought at Goodwill for the outrageous price of 7.99. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice the massive flares. I’m not trendy or very fashionable, but know this was a mistake. It’s going back to Goodwill, I may drop them there late at night and run away.

Eyebrows waxed

I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time today. I went by the nail salon down the street and asked how much.

Seven dollars, the tech said. One or both brows? She said both and I followed her to the back. She looked at me and announced I had no eyebrows but saw some stray neglected hairs and she worked with them.

It took about five minutes, since I have very faint brows. There was some redness but it’s gone down. I watched some brow waxing videos on YouTube and mine was less intense and painful looking.

It lasts about 2-3 weeks and I’ll probably go back. It looks like I have massive hair but it’s really a towel.

4th of July thrift trip

Salvation Army had a 50% off clothes sale today and I had to go. I took my son, he didn’t really want to go but he found a couple of books and a suit jacket for job interviews. We were there early but on a time limit of 30 minutes. I could have probably found more but this is my low key haul. Shoes for work, workout clothes and long sleeved shirt.

I know it’s ironic being an Indian wearing an Eskimo Joe’s shirt. I don’t know any Inuit people and don’t know what they would make of it. It is cartoony and not pretending to say “I’m honoring your culture.” Joe’s is a bar and restaurant with great cheese fries and a store selling Joe’s merchandise in Stillwater. It’s the home of OSU, my alma mater. I admit I have some mixed feelings about it but sentiment won out. Incidentally Eskimo Joe’s is only one of a chain of ethnic restaurants. There is Mexico Joe’s and Joeseppi’s (Italian).

Today’s total was 7.56.