Depeche score

I hit the jackpot today, thriftwise. I went into the store looking for sleep pants, didn’t find any I liked and then found This.

I am a Depeche Mode fan, have been since the Reagan administration last century. This is from the last tour, Spirit. I bought a $40 t-shirt, the most expensive garment I currently own. I also got a black tote bag and lanyard with my Dallas VIP ticket. Haven’t used it yet. I went to 2 shows, in Dallas and Tulsa and they were both incredible and very intense. So I’m a fan, but don’t really have a lot of DM stuff.

I wasn’t sure this was for real but held it up and scrutinized it awhile. It did exist, and I decided I was getting it. This bag was sold on the tour, I don’t know how much it was originally, it probably cost more than my t-shirt. I looked at the tag, at this thrift the cost is half the price on the tag. This bag was fifty cents. Fifty cents! Then I saw there was another one just like it. I bought this one and reluctantly left the other.

After I got home I posted pictures online and a woman asked if I could get the other and she’d pay me for it. So tomorrow I go back and see if it’s still there. I am still stunned I found this but I’ve found extraordinary stuff at this store, like the Wings hockey bear and a Pendleton baby blanket.


Booksale weekend

Jerry said the Friends of the Library booksale was my Superbowl. I look forward to it, plan for it and have my traditions. Nachos are sometimes involved too.

I went for the Friends members preview on Friday. They opened the doors at 1pm. They usually opened at 5 and I got there at 4. I decided that next year I’m taking off that day so I can wait in line and be there when the doors are opened and we rush inside. I also went back Saturday and Sunday.

Booksale nourishes some need inside me. Being in that room full of books is exciting, the possibilities of what I could find there. The prices have remained the same for years, .50 for paperbacks and a dollar for hardbacks, CDs and DVDs. So my cheap little heart is appeased and I don’t feel that pulling on my nerves, wondering if I can afford it, or do I really need it. If it looks good I pick it up, I’ll weed them out later, before I go to checkout.

But what refreshes me is being around fellow readers. People of all ages, from little kids to older people pushing walkers. I don’t know any of them, we all read different genres, authors and are looking for different things but just walking through the parking lot I could feel these are my people. People come with suitcases, carts, the occasional trashcan on wheels and lots of tote bags. There is a feeling of excitement and anticipation. I admit seeing kids who love books gives me hope. Living in a state that doesn’t value education,and with few bookstores it can be bleak. I was a bookish child in a family that didn’t read and I like seeing families getting books, even the fussy toddlers.

My 3 holding area tags. Friday night. I had to put up my books before going to Collector’s Choice, or Better Books where I bought more.

Friday’s haul


Recent thrift scores

My thrifting has gone downhill. I did check out a new to me thrift store, it benefits a women’s charity. There was a rack of beautiful embroidered cotton dresses and caftans but all I got was a couple of pink pillowcases. I’ll probably go back when I’m on my way to the 16th street thrift.

But I scored at the 16th street store. I have a thing for Sandra Boynton stuff. I have some of her books but gave a few to my nephew. Way back in the day (the 80’s) she had a line of coffee mugs and bed linens. I collect them like Pokemon. So I pounced on this when I saw it. I didn’t even look at the price.

Comforter, twin/full size. Big enough to cover the floor. I like all Boynton’s animals but I think her hippos are my favorite. 12.99.

Twin size sheet set, still crisp.Like it was used once and put away. Even my shadow doesn’t detract, much 4.98

Reverse side of comforter. I still haven’t used it, yet.

It is official

Although I have really slacked off (it’s been cold) I have proof I am (was) a runner. Perhaps runner is presumptuous, walker is more honest. Here’s proof I did whatever, for awhile. I lost my first toenail.

Not pretty but now I can add “lost a toenail” to the list, which includes “peed outside.” I’m not doing the Memorial race this year because my future is uncertain. Which means I have no goal or motivation to get up and just go.

I will be moving, probably in May, due to taxes. So my thrifting has slowed down, knowing I need to get rid of instead of accumulating stuff. Also the race is the end of April and I will be packing and doing the drudgery of moving instead of concentrating on training. Some people may be able to do both but my ability to focus is limited.

But it’s not all bad, Tiger is growing bean sprouts and they are thriving.

I took her to the river and made her walk in the cold and wind with me. She was a good sport.

Cho Chang

My cat, she who woke me up at 5am, talked and purred constantly, is gone. I got her in December 2017, right before Christmas and thought she would live with me a few more years even though she was already 13. We would be cranky old ladies together.

She had surgery in September, there were tumors in her abdominal area. Thankfully they were benign but the vet told me they could recur. She fussed to me about her shaved belly but her appetite was good, the next day she was purring and waiting at the door for me when I came home from work.

Then she began hiding in the closet and sitting in the far corner of my room. She allowed me to pet her but not for long. I thought it had to do with Christmas and New Year’s. There were strange people and unfamiliar smells in the house. She did not like changes in her routine and I thought it was her way of saying so. She was also an introvert, another reason we got on well.

But a few days ago she was lying on her back and I saw red sores on her stomach. She wouldn’t let me look at them and retreated to the closet. I took her to the vet two days later. I should have done it the following morning but had to finagle time off from work.

I expected the vet to say she would need some surgery, maybe some drugs and send her home in a day. That was on my mind when I stuffed her in the cat carrier. She resisted it, more than usual. I should have noticed but didn’t.

It was a cold and icy morning, schools and the library were closed. The roads were nearly empty but slick. Cho complained all the way.

The vet hadn’t arrived yet when we got there. The receptionist took the carrier and cooed at Cho. They would call me after the vet looked at her.

I was in the grocery store with my son and daughter-in-law when the call came. The vet told me the sores were tumors. She had them inside, from her belly to under her front arms. They were cancerous. Then she said they could do surgery but it was likely the tumors would grow back. Cho was resting, they gave her pain meds and she was comfortable.

The surgery would be expensive, nearly $2,000. It would be hard on her. She would need meds for pain and antibiotics. She would probably have to do it again, the tumors were growing in her mammary glands. She could remove the tumors but not the glands. Mammary glands ran from her groin to under her arms, small tumors had infected the whole length.

So I thought about this. I hated that I knew the decision was already made. There was only one way to relieve her pain, to make sure the tumors didn’t grow back. I checked my savings even though I knew I didn’t have enough. It was to reassure me I tried, feebly but I tried.

Bear and I went to see her that afternoon. She was more energetic, perhaps anxious but I could tell she felt better. Pain meds were doing the job. He petted her, talked to her then left. I stayed with her awhile. I talked with her, held her awhile and petted her. She scrambled out of my arms and feeling better, started to explore the room. She was looking for a way out.

I had to pick her up when the tech and the vet came in. Cho didn’t resist, she seemed to understand. She tried to shake off the IV and twitched when the tech injected the sedative. Then the second injection. Her little body was still and she slumped after a minute. The vet checked her heartbeat and confirmed she was gone.

I am at that point of grief that hasn’t accepted the finality of death. I know it, I was there but it still hasn’t hit me yet. Even though I cleaned her litterbox and donated her food I feel nothing. Yesterday seems unreal, that it didn’t really happen. In another day or a week it will kick in, when I’ll realize she’s gone.

Saturday thrift

I went to a thrift I haven’t visited in awhile. One reason is they played country music overhead. But the last two times was top 40 so I went in without my earbuds.

I saw a bright pink wool coat in my size. Almost got it but tried it on and it just didn’t work for me. Also it was nine bucks, the high end of my thrift limit.

What I did buy.

Basic vneck to sleep in, wear on the weekend

More black work pants

Shirt for my son, looks like something his dad would have worn but they have similar tastes

Big score, chocolate brown suede jacket. 3.98. I wore it last night.

Hats to donate to Sister BJ’s, homeless day shelter. My church takes donations once a month, hats and gloves day is coming up so I will be looking for cheap gloves now.

Consignment store skirt, 12 bucks but still had the tag.

Thrifted toilet seat

I was running errands when I drove by an unfamiliar thrift store. So I went inside, maybe it would be good.

It was huge and full of crap.

I didn’t feel like digging through boxes and piles of stuff but gave it the old once over. It was what my aunt called “a junk shop.” It was nearly empty and I had the place to myself. I was on my way out when I saw something interesting. A tan toilet seat in the box. I have thrifted clothes, housewares and furniture but never something like this. I may be cheap but I have limits.

My big bathroom has old beige/almond colored fixtures, the kind they don’t make any more. I had a white toilet seat that was decent but didn’t match. I’ve seen beige seats but they were thirty bucks and I figured I’d rather have the thirty bucks and an unmatched seat. So I decided to take a chance on this, it was six bucks.

It was darker than my toilet but looks better than the old seat. Though I don’t think I’ll go back to that store. I asked the cashier what charity they were affiliated with and she said they bought the stuff they sold. I know its not a big deal to some people but I like knowing some of my money goes to a good cause. Also too much junk and none of it, except for the toilet seat, my kind of junk.