We went to the zoo on Friday. I took a few dozen random pictures and here they are.

Unfortunately we didn’t see the panda twins. That would be a great name for an anime, Panda Twins. They could solve mysteries and run a snowcone stand.

They gathered together so I could take this picture. The middle one is making sure I do.

The only lion we saw, the others must have been on break.

Someday I hope to be as chill as this deer

It’s a prairie dog eating grass. That’s it.

Same prairie dog realizes he’s being watched

I have to include at least one bear picture

My daughter-in-law and son

This was closed, to my great disappointment

Our.zoo includes turkeys.

And other birds

Generally not a snake fan but this guy was working it

My daughter-in-law is fascinated by the gorilla and he seems to like her too.

Getting a delivery from Amazon, I have been this orangutan.

And these chimps

The last thing we saw on the way out. Not sure what kind of monkey this is but I like the image of the keeper feeding him so carefully.


Muffin experiment

I thrifted a silicone muffin pan about a week ago. I am not a serious baker, more close to comical. But I’ve been curious about silicone, though loathe to spend a lot on it. I do have a spatula but that’s all.

I made blueberry muffins today, using up some ingredients before they go bad. I used a regular metal pan and the oversize muffin pan I bought for .99. I’ve read different things online, about whether to grease or not grease the pan. So in the interest of science I greased 3 cups and left 3 ungreased. The results below.

I was worried the pan might actually melt. It didn’t

Muffins popped out pretty easily

Ungreased cups have some residue, the greased don’t

Opera estate sale

I don’t do garage sales and rarely do estate sales. But I need a muffin pan and when I saw an estate sale sign followed it. It led me to a garage sale where I bought this.

Pusheen, $1

Then I found a dream estate sale, one made for me. The estate belonged to a vocal music teacher, she had a house full of music books, sheet music, books on music and musicians and CDs. And everything was half off. She had the usual household stuff too but I didn’t look at much, just enough to see there were no muffin pans. This was classical music, mostly opera and few people there seemed to give a crap. If it’s not country most people here aren’t interested.

I am a fan of opera, Italian and Fwnch but not German except for Mozart and Beethoven. I love voices, how I recognize certain singers over time and learned to recognize beautiful music that settles in your heart and mind. It becomes familiar and I enjoy hearing different versions of an opera. It can hold up (most of the time) because it is timeless. Surprising since my introduction to classical and opera was, like for most people, Bugs Bunny. But it fit for me, something about opera clicked in place. I’m not esoteric, I also like EDM and punk. But very few people like or admit they like opera.

I now have rent to pay and much less space. Otherwise I would have bought a lot more than this, but I managed to get some wonderful things. I reluctantly put back some CDs and a few books I hope I don’t regret.

Row 1: La Scala recordings 1878-1914 (sealed); La Scala 1915-1946( sealed); Marriage of Figaro 1963 Salzburg festival

Row 2: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Christmas music; Anna Russell album; The Pearl Fishers selections

Row 3: Cecilia Bartoli Mozart arias; Cecilia Bartoli Mozart portraits; Anne Sofie von Otter meets Elvis Costello (sealed)

Row 4: Gershwin Plays Gershwin (sealed) and The Chieftains (for my mother-in-law)

I got these for Lucy, who is a trained soprano

Even the bag was cool

Quick thrifting

Today is 75% off day at the thrift on Penn and I only had 20 minutes to shop. Normally this is an event of olympic proportions, the level of skill and preparation that goes into making this trip is not for the easily discouraged. It will also suck up your time. But I only had a few minutes and this is what I came away with.

2 pink fabric storage bins, since we moved I need to organize more and store stuff. 2.98

The rest of it- calendar for next year, clear ruler with Paris landmarks, cookie cutters and a pair of socks. All were. 99

Total was 1.89. The least I’ve spent on 75% off day. Then went and spent a lot more at Aldi’s .


My dad passed away nine days ago. We were packing and starting to move when it happened. My mind was focused solely on stuffing boxes and how quickly we could move.

On Thursday my sister called to say he had a heart attack and this time was bad. Our dad has had heart attacks before and frankly I wasn’t really concerned at first, he always bounced back. But she added he was on life support. If we could we should come see him.

Bear and I were trying to figure how we could schedule a trip out of town. Then my sister called Friday night, he was gone. They took him off the machines and he slipped away soon after.

I admit I’m still a little numb over a week later. I accept he’s gone. I went to the viewing, the wake, the funeral and the burial. I understand but I don’t feel anything except a small relief. I know he’s not been feeling well, he had trouble standing and walking. I know, I believe he is better off and much happier. I believe in Heaven, a good God, grace and that he is probably hanging out with his brothers and old friends he’s missed. He once mentioned most of the people he knew, including my mother, were dead. So it gives me a little relief thinking he’s not hurting any more. Another thing is once this news is delivered you no longer live in dread of it, its already happening. So we got that going for us.

It’s odd but I thought about this day 2 years ago, nearly to the day. It is and not what I expected.



The electricity and air conditioning went out. We called an electrician and he told us we needed to replace a box and our wiring needed to be replaced too. We discussed fixing it sitting in the hot house and after some time decided it made more sense to move. It would be cheaper overall and we would have air conditioning and electricity.

So we found an apartment, packed our stuff and moved.

Moving day, my daughter-in-law and the UHaul.

My moving work clothes. I wore the tshirt 4 days and the jeans 3 days. Be grateful you can’t smell this picture

After moving feast and celebration dinner

My room. We spent 3 days bringing small stuff and 1 day the big stuff


My daughter-in-law wanted to go to Goodwill, she needed khakis for work. The nearest Goodwill was in an upscale area so we went there.

I am not a big fan of Goodwill. Their prices are higher and a history of embezzlement doesn’t help.



This was the first thrift store I’ve been to that had greeters. Like Wal-Mart, someone said “Welcome to Goodwill ” when we walked in. Unexpected but nice, I am used to being ignored by most thrift store employees.

The store was crowded, but not crazy crowded. Red tags were half off and I zeroed in on those. My daughter-in-law went her way and I went mine. She found one pair of pants, most of them were too big, she said. I found a few things, none were red tags.

Belated souvenir, I went to the Space Needle 4 yrs ago

Side view, 55 cents.

My favorite color, Joe’s shirt for cooler weather. $5.35,

Black Chucks, I can always use a another pair. $5.35

The only gripe I had was they played country music overhead. Unfortunately I was without my earbuds.

Goodwill is not my favorite place to thrift, although I like the Goodwill outlet. We may go back, but I’ll remember my earbuds. I didn’t get to look at the book section.